Embrace the Chill: Top 5 Reasons to do Snow Removal as a Side Job

Top 5 Reasons To Do Snow Removal As A Side Job


As winter blankets the landscape with a glistening layer of snow over the course of the next few months, opportunities for lucrative side gigs emerge along with the frosty air. One such option that has been largely popular across New Hampshire, Maine and Massachuessetts is snow removal. Beyond the picturesque scenes of northern New England, shoveling snow can shovel in extra income and a host of other benefits. If you’re looking to make the most out of your winter, here are the top 5 reasons to consider snow removal as a side job.


1. Seasonal Demand, Steady Income

Snow removal companies experience a consistent demand during the winter season. When working for companies like North Atlantic Snow, that do commercial properties all across ME, NH, and MA, you can enjoy a steady flow of work after each snowfall. Whether it’s clearing driveways or parking lots after a storm, spreading salt before and after storms, or helping out with prep work in between, there’s always a need for efficient and dependable work throughout the season. This reliability ensures a predictable income, making it easier to manage your finances and plan for the future.


2. Flexibility & Time Management

For many folks, snow removal is a side gig that plays well with other commitments. As most of our other obligations don’t happen during heavy winter snowfalls. So whether you have a full-time job, are a student, or have family responsibilities, doing snow removal and shoveling provides a flexible schedule that allows you to pick your work hours according to your availability. This flexibility ensures that you can balance your commitments while still earning extra income.


3. Physical Activity & Fitness

Working in the snow and ice removal industry  isn’t just about shoveling snow; it’s also a workout in disguise. This side job offers an excellent opportunity to stay physically active during the colder months. The act of shoveling snow requires strength, endurance, and flexibility, providing you with an effective cardiovascular and strength training session. So, while you’re helping others by clearing snow, you’re also helping yourself stay in shape. Plus, companies like North Atlantic Snow happily provides its crew members with free company-branded sweatshirts, gloves, hats, and other necessities to keep you warm and safe while you’re out in the elements!


4. Build A Strong Work Ethic

Taking up snow removal as a side job cultivates a strong work ethic. The discipline required to wake up early, brave the cold, and put in the effort to clear snow speaks volumes about your commitment and determination. This mentality can spill over into other aspects of your life, enhancing your professional and personal growth.


5. Networking & Community Building

Snow removal places you at the heart of your community. As you help neighbors and local businesses navigate the snowy terrain, you’re also forging connections and building relationships. This networking can lead to more opportunities, referrals, and even long-lasting friendships. Additionally, providing a valuable service to your community can evoke a sense of pride and satisfaction, contributing to your overall well-being.



The frigid charm of winter can be an opportunity in disguise. Snow removal, often overlooked, presents itself as a lucrative and rewarding side job. The seasonal demand, flexibility, physical benefits, and personal growth it offers make it an attractive option for those seeking additional income. Beyond financial gains, the experience of being a dependable snow remover can foster a sense of accomplishment and community involvement. So, don your winter gear, grab that snow shovel, and embrace the chill while reaping the rewards of a fulfilling side gig.

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