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North Atlantic Snow is a commercial snow and ice management company operating 365 days a year.

Over a decade ago we began investing, not only in equipment, but in education and technology to be the best. Today we are a robust and sophisticated commercial outfit running a fleet of owned equipment, employing a team of passionate operators, and maintaining a solid record of reliability. Based in Epping and North Hampton New Hampshire, NAS provides plowing, salting and sidewalk services for hundreds of businesses in NH, ME and MA. What makes us different is our relentless focus on advancements in the snow industry and an obsession for detail.

When spring comes around, our work isn't over, it's only just beginning.



NAS works around the clock

Round-the-Clock Service

Integrated snow technology

Integrated Technology


heavy equipment for snow removal

Dedicated Equipment



Weather Monitoring


In-House Trucking and Hauling


Inter-State Emergency Mobilization


Full-Time Fleet Service Division


Environmental Best Practices

No Rest Year-Round

Our mission is year-round dedication to our client’s snow and ice management needs, providing operational continuity for your business, safety for your staff and customers, and risk mitigation amidst the treacherous dangers of a New England winter. We take winter seriously all year round. 

Snow removal team in New Hampshire parking lot

Full Service. No Worries.

  • Comprehensive, property specific snow and ice management plans.
  • Detailed site mapping to identify and communicate strategies.
  • Pre-season staking, walkthrough, and documentation of existing conditions.
  • Systematic snow plowing to maintain safe and clear parking lots.
  • Walkway management ensuring safe access to buildings and grounds.
  • Effective de-icing of parking lots and walkways.
  • Anti-icing via application of proprietary liquid brine solution
  • Complete removal and relocation of stored snow on site
  • Shovel crew service for walkways, entrances and hard to access areas.
  • Emergency mobilization for institutional, corporate, and municipal facilities in storm crisis situations.
front end loader plowing parking lot
Portsmouth Chamber of Comm

Serving Our Community in the Seacoast New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northeast Massachusetts Area.

NAS provides top notch snow and ice management for commercial facilities including office parks, airports, 24 hour facilities, banks, schools, medical facilities, malls, retail locations and industrial complexes.

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We Love Equipment.

Doing the job right, and being the best, means constantly investing in new equipment. We attend annual trade shows and communicate with our dealers to stay on top of the latest advances in snow and ice technology. This allows us to be faster, safer, and more thorough every year.

And We Love Technology

From weather observation and temperature monitoring to remote geo-fenced fleet locators and down-to-the-second time reporting, our investment in hardware and software gives us an edge.